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The real capacity modulation for C-Stores

Hecu sistema is the CAREL solution designed specifically for convenience stores.
Increasing attention to energy efficiency, in other words lower environmental impact and lower running costs, makes the CAREL solution the perfect response to market needs. Hecu sistema ensures that the condensing units adopting this technology achieve maximum results in terms of energy ratings.

High Efficiency Solution for Embraco Fullmotion Compressor

ir33+ Wide for Embraco Fullmotion compressors simplifies the use and management of variable speed compressors for all customers on the commercial refrigeration market:

Heat Recovery Units and compact Air Handling Units

Developed a comprehensive platform for the management of the most advanced units available in the market, featuring:


Special inverter that can control compressors with permanent magnet brushless motors (BLDC/BLAC).

Integrated into pCOsistema+, it brings significant energy savings by modulating compressor speed and consequently the cooling capacity of the unit.
Variations in load are managed precisely and with constant control of the compressor envelope.
This makes significant increases in unit COP possible during operation at part load, giving higher seasonal performance factor values (SPF).