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Heos sistema: the installer’s experience


Heos sistema: the installer’s experience

Heos sistema: the installer’s experience

The new iN’s store that opened in Verona in December 2016 is emblematic of the potential of Carel’s water loop solution.
Exploiting the simple installation afforded by the use of plug-in units, the Heos sistema was able to be easily fitted in a store in the city’s historic centre.

Development of this project has demonstrated:

  • the simplicity of the solution, allowing an installer to purchase complete and tested Heos units and independently install and commission the system;
  • the versatility of Carel’s advanced control technology;
  • the effectiveness of the predictive algorithms for complete system control, using the large quantities of information acquired by the control boards;
  • the efficient thermodynamic and energy performance, monitored using new plug-in functions on the boss supervisor for Heos units;
  • the possibility to manage water loops using a dedicated controller.

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