• General characteristics

    The CAREL E3V electronic expansion valves cover a range of cooling capacities up to 180kW, and represent the Carel solution for medium-capacity valves.
    The E3V has been designed with special care to the minimum details, so as to ensure a wide control capacity and at the same time guarantee high reliability with fluid flow in both directions: the latter feature is especially useful and advantageous for heat pump applications.
    This product has been designed to be installed as the expansion valve in refrigerant circuits, and uses a pressure probe and temperature probe to calculate superheat, which is used as the control signal.

    The E3V-A, available in three different sizes (45, 55, 65), is considered the "standard" version of the E3V series; complete with 36 ohm two-pole motor, this has been designed for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. The product will be placed out of production starting November 2014 and will be replaced by the brand-new E3V-Smart.




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    Description 高效机组的集成解决方案
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    Date 01/03/2010
    Release 1.0