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High pressure water humidifier in HSBC


High pressure water humidifier in HSBC

High pressure water humidifier in HSBC
Headquarter in London, HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world.
In Dusseldorf Branch (Germany), during winter time, the outdoor air is very dry so that, increasing its temperature with an heating system, its relative humidity decrease leading the air condition at a very low comfort level. The objective was therefore to maintain a correct level of humidity in the air during the winter months, in order to increase the level of comfort and decrease absences due to seasonal illnesses, thus increasing productivity.
A humiFog humidifier has been installed in the air conditioning equipment. Up to 246 kg/h of water can be sprayed by the humifog using only 1,050 watt, that means only 4.26 W/kg. The sprayed water is supplied by a reverse osmosis treatment system so that the maintenance of the humidifier is strongly reduced. The humiFog pumping station is equipped with a Variable Frequency Driver and a multi stage atomising technology obtaining a wide modulation range: the BMS can require humiFog any flow rate in the range 47 to 246 kg/h. In this way, humiFog will spray exactly and only the quantity of water the BMS is requiring. Precise ambient climate control is obtainable using humiFog humidifier to have a very comfortable air condition.


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