Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems
  • General characteristics

    The CAREL reverse osmosis water treatment system has been designed for use with humiFog multizone, mc multizone, heaterSteam and gaSteam humidifiers. The system can also be combined with the ChillBooster for evaporative cooling.
    Supplied with mains drinking water, it generates demineralised water with physical/chemical, flow-rate and pressure characteristics suitable to supply the humidifiers. The strong points of this product are its completeness (no storage tank or pumping system is required) and compact dimensions.
    What is reverse osmosis?
    This is a technique in which the water being purified is pumped at high pressure and forced through a semi-permeable membrane with pores smaller than 0.001 μm in diameter: the majority of the dissolved ions are filtered by the membrane, thus producing relatively pure water. The removal of minerals, measured as a percentage of the original mineral content, may vary from 95% to 99% and even higher. Automatic operation and reduced operating costs (electricity required to pump the water) make the use of this technique quite extensive. Note however that reverse osmosis systems are not ideal for treating water that is very hard and/or with significant quantities of contaminants: in these cases, to extend the operating life of the membrane, the water is pre-treated (filtering, deferrization, etc.).
  • Plus

    • easy maintenance/start-up: WTS is precalibrated for simple and fast start-up. The automatic "flushing" procedure extends membrane life and reduces maintenance
    • savings: by using a multi-stage centrifugal pump, WTS can deliver reverse osmosis water at the right pressure and flow-rate without requiring booster pumps and expansion vessels
    • maximum hygiene: WTS provides reverse osmosis water only when required by the humidifier, thus avoiding storage. The water is also treated using the ultraviolet disinfection system