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Round tables and technical speeches: CAREL’s participation at Chillventa eSpecial


Round tables and technical speeches: CAREL’s participation at Chillventa eSpecial

Round tables and technical speeches: CAREL’s participation at Chillventa eSpecial

From 13 to 15 October CAREL will be taking part in Chillventa eSpecial, the first virtual edition of the international exhibition for the air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heat pump sectors. An all-digital event, where the main focus will be on seminars and conferences. CAREL staff will take it in turns to welcome visitors and present the most innovative solutions, from humidification to air quality control systems, commercial refrigeration solutions, supervisory systems and process chiller controllers. 

“In this difficult context, the challenge will be to convey the completeness of CAREL’s offering using digital tools”, commented Roberto Sandano, Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer - HVAC. “This is why we have organised a series of round table discussions, divided into different topics: much of the focus will be on air quality and healthy environments, however there will also be sessions devoted to food retail, food service, distribution, services, and commercial and industrial air conditioning. The contribution of the two companies that have recently become part of the CAREL group, HygroMatik and Recuperator, will also be of special interest. Our hope is that these presentations can partially replace in-person meetings and convey to our interlocutors the unique aspects of our proposal”.

“After having taken part in Euroshop 2020 last February, Chillventa eSpecial offers an opportunity to underline the values that we stand out for, summarised in the claim Better Control, Better Environment”, added Alessandro Greggio, Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer - Refrigeration. “Our solutions, historically focused on obtaining ever higher energy efficiency, help reduce environmental impact and improve air quality in buildings. The ongoing investments and results of innovation that distinguish CAREL are crucial to achieving these results, not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also as regards the solutions for natural refrigerants, digital&field services and IoT

CAREL will also be part of the Technical Program, with two presentations. The first, scheduled for the morning of the 14th, will be presented by Andrea Oscar Frisiero, Application Specialist - Indoor Air Quality and Climate Control, and will examine the influence of indoor air quality and relative humidity control on everyday life. The second, by Miriam Solana, Knowledge Center HVAC/R Engineer, will focus on commercial and professional refrigeration solutions and will be held on 15 October in the afternoon. 

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