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Indoor air quality: CAREL’s guarantee above all for its employees


Indoor air quality: CAREL’s guarantee above all for its employees

Indoor air quality: CAREL’s guarantee above all for its employees

CAREL is celebrating World Day for Health and Safety at Work this year with the introduction of innovative air conditioning technology in the new buildings at Headquarters. These buildings, which accommodate employees from some of the company's departments, were built between 2020 and 2022, with special emphasis on the air conditioning systems: indeed one of the design objectives was to improve the health and comfort of occupants with sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Ensuring an improvement in indoor air quality through efficient solutions with a minimal environmental impact is a priority for CAREL, using the Group’s own technologies to create an innovative and efficient system. The air conditioning systems in the new CAREL 5 and CAREL 6 buildings, which respectively house the Knowledge Center and the Sales&Marketing department offices, were in fact developed by our partners, integrating the Group’s products. The latter coordinate the operation of the air conditioning units in the offices and common areas, providing local and remote monitoring and management of power consumption.

The buildings are energy class A4 and A3 respectively. The measurement and control systems installed include more than 70 air quality sensors that measure and record the levels of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10). Based on this information, system operation can be optimised on a daily basis to ensure the best indoor air quality. For example, by keeping air humidity between 40 and 60%, one of the positive effects on people’s health is the drastic reduction in the spread of the viruses that cause respiratory tract infections.

Finally, the air conditioning systems, based on heat pumps, air handling units and rooftop units, as well as being coordinated by the boss and RED optimise monitoring systems, are built around the Group’s other technologies. These include control systems, displays, electronic expansion valves, humidifiers, sensors, Enginia motor-driven dampers and Recuperator heat exchangers.


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