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CAREL humidification systems and services at the new Paideia International Hospital


CAREL humidification systems and services at the new Paideia International Hospital

CAREL humidification systems and services at the new Paideia International Hospital

The installation of adiabatic and isothermal humidification systems in the new Paideia International Hospital, a private hospital in Rome with state-of-the-art technology and customised care paths, has made it possible to achieve the highest standards in terms of hygiene, energy saving and service continuity, through efficient humidity management and prompt maintenance performed by trained personnel. 

Together with the Luigi Giuliani design firm from Rome, CAREL examined both the environmental conditions of the various areas of the clinica, and the design requirements, proposing two different humidification technologies and a maintenance project for the 21 air handling units operating in the hospital, adapting and integrating into the units, and making humidity management especially efficient. 
Most of the installed units are adiabatic humidifiers, certified for hospital environments and with very low energy impact, guaranteeing high performance and the lowest possible energy consumption: CAREL’s humiFog technology in fact exploits the high pressure of the water to obtain extremely fine atomisation through special atomising nozzles. Management of washing cycles, the materials used and the layout of the atomised water distribution system are the main characteristics that guarantee compliance of these humidifiers with the strictest hygiene regulations in force, such as VDI6022 certification, issued by TUV.
humiSteam isothermal humidifiers that produce sterile steam were also installed to respond to the system requirements of some of the clinic’s departments. humiSteam works by applying a voltage to metal electrodes immersed inside a special cylinder containing the water, creating an electric current that heats the water until boiling. The system features quick start-up and a wide range of feedwater conductivity, for higher performance. Furthermore, built-in conductivity sensors and control software optimise energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

To maximise the benefits in terms of energy efficiency, hygiene and air humidity, the Paideia International Hospital also opted for the services that CAREL offers for its entire range of humidifiers. Inspection and maintenance carried out on the system have allowed the clinic to optimise running costs and extend the life of the units, while maintaining their performance over time.


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