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CAREL celebrates its first 50 years


CAREL celebrates its first 50 years

CAREL celebrates its first 50 years

Last Saturday, 30 September, CAREL proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary, with a special event organised for the people who work at the company: a heartfelt way to thank everyone for their commitment and contribution over these first fifty successful years.

The atmosphere was one of joy and celebration, retracing the milestones in CAREL’s history and underlining the values expressed by the Culture Code, inspired by the corporate mission. Yet it wasn’t just a chance to look back at the past; it was also an opportunity to look to the future. During the event, a symbolic countdown was started, marking the beginning of the “next 50 years” in CAREL’s history, in expectation of the Group’s future successes.

Founded in 1973, CAREL has continued to grow and evolve, becoming a global reference point in the sector. Its success story has been marked by pioneering innovations, investments in research and development, and an approach focused on sustainability. Indeed the Group is constantly committed to significantly reducing its environmental impact, with smart solutions that optimise energy consumption.

Francesco Nalini, CAREL’s CEO, declared: “We are proud to have reached this important milestone. Our first fifty years of experience have given us a unique vision of the future of sustainability and innovation. It’s a story we will continue to write by designing ever more sustainable and smarter solutions.”

To find out more about CAREL’s history, a special section is available on the company website, with 12 chapters that tell the company’s extraordinary story, one for each month of the fiftieth anniversary year. Chapters that provide an in-depth look at CAREL’s achievements, innovations and growth over the years.


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