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CAREL and Desmon, a successful synergy for storing medicines and vaccines


CAREL and Desmon, a successful synergy for storing medicines and vaccines

CAREL and Desmon, a successful synergy for storing medicines and vaccines

Desmon, a European reference in the production of professional refrigerated equipment for the medical and food service sectors, has chosen CAREL as a partner for its latest refrigerated cabinet intended for scientific and medical applications. Desmon’s needs are fully met by iJS, the new CAREL control solution part of the iJ platform: temperature recording, dedicated alarms, connectivity, battery backup module and extensive certification possibilities.

The Technical Director of Desmon S.p.A., Ciriaco De Santis, stated: “The choice of the CAREL iJS platform has proven to be ideal for guaranteeing the quality standards of our products and above all of our new line of refrigerated cabinets for the storage of medicines and vaccines, the design of which, as always, was focused on detail and functionality. Our collaboration with CAREL has been a success, thanks to the commitment of our respective engineering teams, making the products even more effective and reliable. Finally, the possibility of offering the solution to multiple markets, thanks to the wide range of certifications available, was further decisive in choosing iJS.

iJS’s main features:

  • Temperature recording and dedicated alarms. In scientific applications, to ensure the contents of the refrigeration units are stored in the specified conditions, it is crucial to record and report all situations in which the temperature is outside of the compliance limits, so as to have full control of any abnormal situations. To simplify operations as much as possible, iJS comes with a dedicated keypad that allows the operator to intuitively record temperatures.
  • Battery backup module to ensure operation even during blackouts. iJS connects to a backup battery management module in the event of power outages. Direct connection to the battery avoids the need to use a mini UPS. The aim is to be able to continue to monitor the temperature inside the cabinets.
  • Connectivity and reports via app. With the new iJS range, users can also interact using a dedicated app, via local NFC and Bluetooth® connectivity. CAREL offers the APPLICA app for technical personnel responsible for maintenance and commissioning; the CONTROLLA app for end users, who can view and download temperature reports to ensure maximum data traceability.
  • Certifications. The iJ platform, including iJS, was developed with all major product certifications for the European and American markets, specifically CE and UL certification. The iJ platform also comes with a CB Report, a document that simplifies certification at a more local level. Finally, compatibility is guaranteed in applications that use flammable refrigerants, by compliance with the IEC/EN/UL 60335 standard.


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