E-book request

Ever since it was founded in 1973, CAREL has always been at the cutting-edge in the research and development of new technological solutions in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries. 

As a result of our investments, specialist technical personnel and above all the people who have chosen us as their partners, we have also become the leading company in Italy, and one of the first three in the world, in the production of humidifiers: the wealth of knowledge and experience we have acquired over years of research has now been collected and organised in two books. The first looks at the subject of air humidification, detailed in all its theoretical and practical aspects. The second book examines evaporative cooling, a "green" technique for reducing the power consumption of cooling systems (dry coolers, chillers, etc.), while still absorbing the heat load.


To order a copy of the books, now available in e-book format, simply write e-mail to climatetools@carel.com: we will then contact you as soon as possible.