Ratiometric pressure trasducers - SPKT*S0

  • General characteristics

    Carel type S (Sealed) 5 V ratiometric pressure transducers have been developed for use in commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.
    They are completely sealed and can be installed in direct contact with the refrigerant circuit pipes, in conditions where refrigerant temperature is below dewpoint (no capillary tubing is needed between the pipe and sensor).



  • Quick Guide
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +040010026
    Description 'Sondes et capteurs / Fühler und Sensoren Guide pour le choix et l'installation optimale Auswahl- und Installationshilfe
    Language FRE  GER 
    Date 12/11/2015
    Release 1.0
    Code +040010025
    Description Sonde e sensori / Probes and sensors Guida alla scelta e all'installazione ottimale Selection and optimal installation guide
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 12/11/2015
    Release 1.0
  • Technical Leaflets
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +050000484
    Description SPKC - Cavi per Trasduttori di pressione / Pressure transmitters cables / Câbles pour transducteurs de pression / Kabel für Druckwandler / Cables para transductores de presión
    Language ENG  FRE  GER  ITA  SPA 
    Date 29/03/2019
    Release 1.4
    Code +050000598
    Description SPKT*P0 Sensore di pressione Raziometrico per applicazioni HVAC/R Serie P / P series ratiometric pressure sensors for HVAC/R applications
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 25/05/2018
    Release 1.5
    Code +050000488
    Description SPKT*S0 trasduttori di pressione raziometrici 5V tipo S (Sealing) / Type S (Sealed) 5V ratiometric pressure trasducers
    Language ENG  IND 
    Date 22/01/2016
    Release 1.4