Research Centres

Research Centres
At CAREL, our research centres are at the heart of what we do. They're the icing on the cake of our Research & Development department. 
Through these centres, CAREL can test components and verify innovations, measuring data in real time. This work enables us to discover and consequently solve any weaknesses. 
It also means we can be sure that the solutions we introduce onto the market are reliable and effective.
The value of our research centres is recognised throughout the company, at all levels. Indeed our mission states that we invest in innovation with the objective of ensuring increasing energy savings. The company invests significant sums in Research & Development every year. 5,7% of consolidated sales goes into Research & Development and a further 3% is regularly invested in production technology, so as to assure improvements and continuous development. 
As a place to meet and discuss with customers, our research centres bring added value to CAREL. Indeed, these centres are where customers can evaluate our systems and put them to the test. In our research centres we can identify, together with customers, the best solutions for each specific requirement.