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CAREL@Euroshop celebrates 50 years of innovation and sustainability


CAREL@Euroshop celebrates 50 years of innovation and sustainability

CAREL@Euroshop celebrates 50 years of innovation and sustainability

From 26 February to 2 March, CAREL will be participating at Euroshop 2023, stand E 01, hall 16, celebrating its 50th anniversary with sustainable solutions and services to increase energy performance in the commercial refrigeration market.

Compatibility with natural refrigerants is one of the strengths of the CAREL product offering: this makes it possible to improve the performance of refrigeration systems while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of the applications that these solutions are part of, further optimised by digital services and connectivity. From the latest controllers for compact CO2 condensing units to a complete range of controllers for refrigerated showcases and the high-efficiency solutions used on semi-plug-in refrigeration units, both CO2 and propane, as well as water loop or air-cooled systems.

The sustainability pursued by CAREL is also realised through the adaptation and customisation of its solutions to customer needs. The reduction of complexity in the design, construction and commissioning of individual units or refrigeration systems is a value that allows concrete savings and facilitates synergies between different units and the areas with highest energy consumption. It also includes the possibility of acting on the logical functions at a software level. Here once again, CAREL offers considerable expertise and know-how both in thermodynamics and in the final applications, as seen in its products designed to meet the needs of commercial refrigeration.

And thanks to this know-how, CAREL can also support customers throughout the entire system life cycle, so as to guarantee the expected performance at all times. Right from the design stage and initial configuration, CAREL’s experience and technology are available to support field installation through dedicated apps and local supervisors. Remote digital services allow end users to sustainably maintain the best performance and control of system management costs over time, through advanced data analysis and reports that pro-actively suggest the most effective improvement actions.


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