Tobacco Industries

  • General characteristics

    Tobacco is a hygroscopic material, and as such has a high moisture content. This means that when the air is too dry, it tends to naturally release its moisture into the surrounding environment.
    This also means evident contraction and weight loss of the leaves, which often tear and are much more fragile. To give an example, cigarettes stored at 24°C may undergo a variation of up to 12% in weight if relative humidity increases from 40% to 70%.
    Obviously, this also has negative repercussions on the production process, with possible problems including breakage of the leaves used to make cigars, tobacco coming out of the cigarettes and paper getting jammed in the machinery.
    To overcome these problems, during the various stages in tobacco processing, the air should ideally be kept between 20 and 24°C, and 60-70% RH. In the spaces used to store and preserve tobacco products, on the other hand, the air must be kept at around 20°C and 70 to 75% RH
    Guaranteeing these conditions allows tobacco to preserve its qualities and natural aroma until consumed.
    To ensure product quality and process efficiency, tobacco industries need to adopt systems that control air humidity, and assure stable values.
    Carel has specific know-how in this sector, and supplies a vast range of controllers and humidifiers suitable for these applications. These include precise and reliable isothermal systems for lower capacity applications, and high performance adiabatic humidifiers with very low energy consumption for higher flow-rates.
  • Plus

    • Avoid variations in relative humidity to ensure best workability and process efficiency;
    • Preserve the properties of tobacco leaves, reducing any weight loss;
    • Retain the natural aroma of tobacco, ensuring better finished product quality;
    • Energy saving adiabatic systems to both humidify and cool the air.


  • Brochure
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