Fabio Boeri

Fabio Boeri graduated in Physics in 1993. In his professional career he has always dealt with Quality and Organisational issues, covering managerial roles in privately-owned national and multinational companies operating in different sectors, as well as in public service companies.
Since 2006 he has been managing and coordinating the CAREL Quality, Environment and Safety area at a Group level.
He is responsible for managing - through a large team covering all of the company’s main sites - CAREL’s registered systems in accordance with international standards, with special focus on a risk-based approach, as well as all of the related topics in terms of competencies and operational support for CAREL’s processes.
Have you ever stopped to think about the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “ quality ”? One of the first images often associated with the word “quality” is that of a person,
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