Marco Portale

After completing an MSc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padova and an MBA at CUOA Business School, Marco Portale then developed his career at leading Swedish and US companies operating in different technological environments, where he acquired strategic marketing and market support experience, covering different management positions.
He joined Carel in 2014 to develop the Industrial Cooling Market and High Efficiency solutions, and was subsequently appointed Marketing Manager for HVAC in the EMEA area, with responsibility for defining and implementing strategy in the region across all channels.
One of the many areas of our daily life that will surely be revolutionised in coming years is mobility. This sector, driven by the need to reduce environmental impact and increase the safety of
The crowded 2018 Chillventa show was a mirror image of what is happening in the HVAC/R market. The HVAC/R sector continues to grow in volume , influenced by the increase in average
What is the situation of the HVAC market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) , what opportunities are there and how can these be grasped effectively?  These and other topics were
2020, Rome. A man arrives quietly at a “gas” station in his brand-new car. He jumps down from the car and lights a cigarette. He looks around, takes the charger and fills up the car. After 15
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