Andrea Oscar Frisiero

Andrea Oscar Frisiero works as an Application Specialist at the CAREL Climate Business Unit.
He graduated in Energy Engineering at the University of Padova in 2015, and later joined CAREL, taking part in an extensive training program in different areas of the company, including a two-month period at the Chinese subsidiary.
At the Climate Business Unit his tasks include supporting subsidiaries and expanding and sharing CAREL’s knowledge on specific applications. In 2016 he focused on water treatment systems and health care applications, taking into consideration the most recent changes to international regulations.
Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are today becoming more and more important in the commercial and residential ventilation sector. These systems involve very compact air handling units,
Hospital and health care facilities are often home to top of the range technologies as far as technical equipment is concerned. Everything must be able to operate without interruption in the most
Every day, an invisible war is waged in hospitals and healthcare facilities whose outcome is crucial for people’s lives. On one side, the vast number of bacteria and viruses that are
Air conditioning systems, including humidification, account for a major part of hospital daily running costs. Achieving energy and cost savings on these systems can bring considerable relief to
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