Enrico Boscaro

Enrico Boscaro is Application Manager for Datacenter applications inside CAREL Industries.
He graduated from Department of Management and Engineering of Padua University and worked in HVAC companies since 2000.
Enrico joined CAREL in 2004 following B2B developments of integrated control solutions with some of the major Italian manufacturers of AHU, chillers and CRACs.
Since 2008 inside CAREL he is focusing on datacenter applications to identify industry trends and technology innovations, to drive research and development of energy efficient devices and their integration with controls.
One of the objectives of this role is to deepen and share the knowledge of the most innovative solutions for energy efficiency in temperature and humidity control as a contribution to continuous improvement for this industry.
“Data Center World” (DCW) Singapore is a specialist event for the data centre industry; with many leading banking and finance businesses operating in the area, the attention has always been
Once again this year Carel took part in “Data Centre World” (DCW) London, one of the most important events in this sector worldwide, attracting the main operators in the field of ICT
Carel’s recent participation at “ Data Center World ” (DCW) Asia in Singapore was a great opportunity to meet some of the industry’s leading players in the southeast Asian area, addressing
Air quality inside residential and commercial buildings is an important parameter for personal comfort. Human activity in general produces CO 2 and other odorous contaminants, meaning air
Humidity control in data centers has always been considered necessary in terms of preventing electric discharges . The use of traditional technology based on heating water to boiling point
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