Miriam Solana Ciprés

Miriam Solana Ciprés has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova, and is the author of several technical publications on supercritical CO2 technologies, having completed study and research periods at several universities in Italy and Spain, as well as at the USDA in the United States.
Currently, she works at the HVAC/R Knowledge Centre at CAREL headquarters, whose objective is to strengthen specific technical competencies inside the Group through training programs, and lobbying activities amongst the most influential associations worldwide.
Over the last two years she has focused her activities on studying of refrigerant and energy efficiency regulations, disseminating information through seminars, conferences, white papers and the corporate blog
The new year has just started and all of us have in mind some upcoming news in HVAC/R. From the approval of the new version of the IEC 60335-2-89 standard after several months of hard work by the IEC
Would you agree if I said that the concern about the greenhouse effect has revolutionised HVAC/R market more than anything else? Paradoxically, there are more refrigerants and mixtures of
September has been a month especially busy for HVAC/R stakeholders in Spain: Atmosphere Ibérica , focused on the use of natural refrigerants in Spain and Portugal; Tecnofrío , a national
The new requirements for reducing CO 2 emissions due to refrigerant and electricity consumption are leading retailers to consider other alternatives to traditional centralised systems. One of
Since 1994, every two years, researchers on compression refrigeration circuits around the world meet in a different city to share their work and experiences on natural refrigerants, in honour to
It seems that the characteristic optimism of Australians is also reflected in the country’s HVAC/R market. Whereas HFC refrigerant prices in Europe are rising dramatically, and the lack of a drop-in
Less than 4 months remain to prepare for more stringent limits on European condensing units! In detail, Ecodesign requires an increase in efficiency of between 6-14 %, depending on the categories,
2018 may be the year when the charge limit of 150 g for flammable refrigerants in commercial refrigerators will be increased to 500. This may be a very important step towards the use of natural
One year of “sharing ideas” on HVAC/R! Today is a day to celebrate for CAREL’s blog! 50 posts have been published during this first year, with thousands of views and listing in the
I knew that this business trip would be different from the others. Going more than 11,000 km away together with representatives of Italian refrigeration companies to explain what is currently
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