Giampiero Grosso

Giampiero Grosso was born in Cagliari in 1973, and graduated in law from his home city’s university.
He worked in Milan for around 10 years as an account manager at several international advertising agencies, acquiring considerable experience in the field of corporate communication.
In 2009 he moved to Enìa S.p.A., a multi-utility company in the Emilia region, joining the company’s marketing and communication department.
Following the merger between Enìa S.p.A. with IRIDE S.p.A. and the consequent establishment of IREN S.p.A., he transferred to the Investor Relations department, where he was responsible for the Group’s website, IR section, preparation of financial press releases and maintaining constant contacts with financial analysts and both institutional and retail investors.
In August 2018, he was appointed Investor Relations and Corporate Communication Manager at CAREL Industries S.p.A., reporting directly to the CEO.
That same year he also became a CFA charterholder.
The function of Investor Relations (IR) There are several ways to define the function of Investor Relations, some of which are quite technical, others more accessible; however perhaps the best way
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