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The opportunity to innovate

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat”. Steve Jobs “Innovation” is a term that is used more and more frequently, in every area of life. We often hear about “technological innovation”, but also social or economic innovation. So let’s look at what “innovation” really means. Searching Google for the term “innovation” gives: the Oxford ...
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Feelings of Safety

It’s a summer night. Your car’s clock shows it’s two in the morning. You feel relieved. A long weekend awaits, with nothing to think about except relaxing. Alongside you, the person you hold dearest in your life can hardly keep their eyes open. Outside it’s 24°C, the air slightly warm; your hand sways, almost as if cradled by the carefreeness of the moment. You can still perceive a...
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[ECO]Design our future

Imagine a desert landscape, with vast clearings extending to the horizon. The earth is tinged a red copper colour, and all around there is oppressive silence among the steep rocky slopes, almost recalling an ancient civilisation. Even though this description has nothing to do with the Earth as we know it today, and resembles more what we know about Mars, it is a way of illustrating what our...
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Refrigerants: what’s going on?

Would you agree if I said that the concern about the greenhouse effect has revolutionised HVAC/R market more than anything else? Paradoxically, there are more refrigerants and mixtures of refrigerants now available, however it seems much more difficult to choose the most suitable one! Flammability, toxicity and high pressures are the main challenges of alternatives to refrigerants with a high...
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From 150 to 500 g of propane: higher charge, same risk?

2018 may be the year when the charge limit of 150 g for flammable refrigerants in commercial refrigerators will be increased to 500. This may be a very important step towards the use of natural refrigerants , while on the other hand it entails a huge responsibility in terms of safety. Indeed, the working group that is defining the additional requirements has the scope of ensuring that the...
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The value of transparency

How many times have we discussed something or argued with someone and then realised later that we weren’t completely right? Sometimes, we convince ourselves of things based on opinions or suppositions that then turn out not to be true. It’s nothing strange, it’s simply human nature . It is not always easy to stay connected to reality, because we like to believe that we know the...
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Why improve when things are going well?

We all know the story of Nokia, which in the 1990s was the undisputed leader in the sale of mobile phones. They made the best phones, with a quality of reception that even now few others match. But then someone in the USA invented the iPhone and the company went into a downward spiral that it has still not recovered from. In the past, makers of audio tapes found themselves displaced by the...
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Making sense of the uncertainty that the future holds for refrigerant regulations in the USA

To say that the next few years will be a smooth ride for the HVAC/R industry in the United States of America easily transitioning to the next generation of low GWP refrigerants, would be the understatement of the year. There is a network of potential pathways to achieve HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) phasedown in the USA; each one is a mixed bag of educated guesses, misinformed opinions and litigated...
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New efficiency limits for condensing units!

Less than 4 months remain to prepare for more stringent limits on European condensing units! In detail, Ecodesign requires an increase in efficiency of between 6-14 %, depending on the categories, compared to the 2016 tiers. This comes at a crucial moment for HFC phase-down and with some uncertainty among condensing unit manufacturers regarding the alternative refrigerants to be used, which...
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Italy and Argentina united for more sustainable commercial refrigeration

I knew that this business trip would be different from the others. Going more than 11,000 km away together with representatives of Italian refrigeration companies to explain what is currently happening in Europe definitively seemed promising. “We have 10 refrigeration experts who are like Messi at football”, was how Prof. Cavallini introduced us in Messi’s home capital city. This was very...
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