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Present and future of natural refrigerants and connectivity

September has been a month especially busy for HVAC/R stakeholders in Spain: Atmosphere Ibérica , focused on the use of natural refrigerants in Spain and Portugal; Tecnofrío , a national conference about refrigeration installations; and Eurovent Summit , the European biennial meeting of Eurovent Association whose slogan was “ ¡Viva La Conectividad! ”. I was lucky to attend both...
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New efficiency limits for condensing units!

Less than 4 months remain to prepare for more stringent limits on European condensing units! In detail, Ecodesign requires an increase in efficiency of between 6-14 %, depending on the categories, compared to the 2016 tiers. This comes at a crucial moment for HFC phase-down and with some uncertainty among condensing unit manufacturers regarding the alternative refrigerants to be used, which...
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Heat pumps: what are the next key dates in the EU?

Keeping a comfortable temperature throughout the year has become a must. Not so long ago, people used to just have a stove to heat the house in winter, with temperature control based on their own perception and opening windows when feeling the temperature was too high. Moreover, heating and cooling have been traditionally considered as separate concepts, different fields of study… or even...
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A world of associations

Technological innovation is a part of the DNA of all companies that offer high-efficiency solutions and seek to anticipate market demands, to grasp needs that are yet to be expressed and to turn difficulties into opportunities. Along with a medium to long term strategic vision , it is beneficial to be present in the places where international trends are defined and the rules of the...
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Ecodesign and Energy Labelling: making products smarter

The beginning of the 21st century. We are living in an era in which technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. This means that the concept of “best technology available” is constantly changing . That’s good news for consumers, because products are more and more efficient, which is very helpful when it’s time to pay the electricity bill. It’s also great news for the environment, as CO2...
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