High efficiency management for residential heat pumps


Real increases in system efficiency (DC inverter + EEV)

Numerous tests performed in the lab have proven how the combined use of EEV technology and DC compressors guarantees a significant increase in heat pump efficiency and a reduction in running costs. The possibility to integrate high-efficiency devices makes our solution ready to fulfil the requirements of the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive.


Flexible use and energy savings with DC technology and the power+ inverter


The use of DC compressors guarantees higher energy efficiency than any other technology available on the market, with a very wide range of cooling capacity modulation. The main features of DC technology are low noise, an excellent compressor size-power ratio, less maintenance and longer appliance life, due to the reduced number of ON-OFF cycles. CAREL has tested and certified more than 50 models by different manufacturers in its labs, making them available for management by its c.pCO controllers: this guarantees complete control of the unit, with many software functions developed to guarantee operation in the most ideal conditions for the compressor, ensuring maximum reliability.

Software solutions to develop your ideas

The c.pCO controllers are completely programmable and can be configured using the c.suite development tool. The tool provides a vast range of libraries, with various functions implemented: from basic logical-arithmetic functions to complex control algorithms for managing various devices, both CAREL and third-party. The integration of these elements with the customer's own know-how, applied using standard and secure code, allows application design and development to make every system your system.



Remote connectivity and interfaces

The c.pCO controllers offer several different connectivity options, supporting standard protocols (Modbus®, HTTP, BACnet™, NFC). Remote control allows customers to interface to the unit via a web terminal, or create their own web applications supported by the system protocols.

Vast range of room terminals and devices for all needs

In addition to the classic unit terminal, the CAREL solution also offers a range of user interface solutions to suit all needs: from the thT terminal with serial probes for room control, to the pGD touch colour touchscreen devices, available in various formats and completely programmable according to customer requirements.